We want to help you and your family get connected here at Cedar Lake. We all work hard to help you connect in as soon as you are ready. From our Growth Track (see left hand side menu) to our Small Groups and our Facebook and online community, we provide many opportunities throughout the week for you to connect into relationships and a ministry team.

Through our Growth Track process, you get to meet our staff and learn about who we are and we get to know your family as well. At the end of this time, you'll have the opportunity to sit down with one of the staff and discuss where you might like to serve on the team and how we can help you grow as a believer.

As you attend a Small Group, you'll connect deeper into relationships. We also hear over and over from our folks that serving in a ministry team will help you build relationships faster than anything else!

We are excited you are here! We believe God has brought you here. Now let's get busy connecting with each other!